By Mike Thiesen


Fractron 9000 is a high performance fractal flame renderer for Windows. Fractron 9000 takes advantage of modern programmable graphics processors to dramatically speed up rendering. Users with either CUDA or OpenCL video hardware will be able to render fractal flame images in near real-time. Some example images created with Fractron are shown below.



Download Fractron 9000 Version 0.4

Also Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

Example Images

These are some examples of fractals created with Fractron 9000.

Technical Details

Fractron 9000 can use OpenCL and CUDA to accelerate rendering. The user interface is written in C#, and communicates with OpenCL and CUDA via my own custom interoperability libraries. Fractron uses OpenGL to display the fractals, which will hopefully make it possible to port Fractron 9000 to non-Windows platforms in the future.


Uses the Fractal Flame Algorithm by Scott Draves and Erik Reckase.

Inspiration and color palettes were taken from Apophysis.

Uses the OpenTK Library for OpenGL compatability with .NET.