By Mike Thiesen

Getting Started

When Fractron 9000 starts, you will see the current fractal in the main window. To pan the view, left click and drag. You can also use the middle mouse button to pan. To rotate and zoom, click and drag with the right mouse button. You can also zoom with the mouse wheel.

You will also notice several L-shaped "widgets". These represent the branches of the fractal. Clicking and dragging on a widget's control point changes the shape of the associated branch. Clicking on a widget also selects it. When a widget is selected, additional options will be available in the "Variations" and "Color" panels on the lower left side of the screen.

Fine Control

There are a few keyboard modifiers you can hold while dragging widgets to fine tune their placement:

Ctrl + Drag- Snap to grid
Alt + Drag Edge- Skew the widget
Shift + Drag Edge- Rotate without resizing
Shift + Drag Center- Rotate the widget around (0,0)
Shift + Ctrl + Drag- Rotate and snap to angle


Fractron 9000 can now load and save .flame files used by other fractal flame renderers like Apophysis and Flam3. However: Fractron 9000 still does not support all of the variations and features found in other renderers. Because of this, it is a good idea to back up any .flame files created by other programs before editing them with Fractron 9000.